Similarity between Marketplace ( Flipkart, Amazon) and East India company

Similarity between Marketplace ( Flipkart, Amazon) and East India company

British East India Company ( came to India to do business. India was a rich & flourishing country and BEIS realized this. Slowly they started capturing small kingdoms, created hatred amongst Indian kingdoms and captured India.

Similarly Amazon, Flipkart came to India to be a Marketplace company where small or big sellers can sell their products online. They were supposed to be pure marketplace players but slowly they started doing the following things:

  1. Came out with their own private label products and directly started selling. They understood the market and they figured out which products are selling more and in which products they can make more profit. They started importing similar products from China and branded them in their own name and selling it. This is killing Indian manufacturing and also Indian sellers.
  2. They tied up with other companies and created partnership companies and starting selling products with them.
  3. Since they are selling their own branded products and through their partnership companies they give preferential treatment to them. Since they control which products should display on top and what should be the pricing they started pushing their products.
  4. If a normal seller delays or ships a wrong or defective product their ranking is downgraded but when they sell damaged or wrong product do they downgrade their ranking, it is a really a doubtful thing.


All the sellers on these sites, please lets unite and then we can talk to our Govt to protect us. Our Govt is for the people of India and it will protect us from being exploited.


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