Selling on Snapdeal is a big scam

Selling on Snapdeal is a big scam

This story is posted by one of the sellers on

Hello, I sell on Amazon, Flipkart and I get good sales, so I started selling on as well.
I faced lots of issues on platform. Below are some of the problems:
1) I pack my items as soon as I get the order and update the status on snapdeal platform but the pickup boy will not come sometimes the pickup is delayed even by 1 week. Even after repeated calls to the pickup team they will not come. I used to take the mobile number of the pickup boys and call them for future orders but no one helped. Because of this many orders were cancelled or they were cancelled while in transit.
2) Apart from the delay in pickups, I notice that most of the orders were returned back to me. The packaging was not even opened, I really feel suspicious now. Because of this I ended up paying both side shipping and made loss.
3) It is strange but if you sell online, it can happen that you end up making loss even if you don’t sell your products at loss because of the 2 way shipping and marketplace charges if your products return back.

I suggest everyone to be careful on Snapdeal, they need to improve their service if they want to grow.


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