How to sell more on Amazon & Flipkart and increase your business

How to sell more on Amazon & Flipkart and increase your business

Here I list some tips which will definitely help you to sell more on Amazon & Flipkart

Product Listing
Make sure you mention all the specifications of the product. Have very good images, give as much detail as possible.
Mention the product make, size, and some salient features.
Title should be clear and should contain the relevant keywords.
Ask your customers for reviews, good reviews are the most powerful ways you can increase sales.

Product Quality & Pricing
Don’t compromise on product quality, you may think that you can buy a cheaper product and sell but then there will be many returns and negative feedback. All these will make your business to run in loss over time. Never Never compromise on quality of the product.
Do research about pricing, see what the competitors are charging and then try your best price which you can sell for. It may so happen that for some products and category of products you can never make a profit, because the other seller is a manufacturer himself or he may import in huge quantity from China and sell it. You can never give competition to this kind of seller, in this situation back off, there lakhs of other products which you can concentrate.

Packaging & Shipping
Keep good inventory of products so that you can ship them in a timely manner, don’t delay the shipping.
Packaging is very important, the first impression the customer gets is from packaging, have a neat and clean packaging, make it feel more premium.

Research & Analysis:
Find & research about new products and which you can sell for good margin. Remember you cannot sell everything, in fact no one can sell everything, find your niche and work on it.
Check your product pricing and update them regularly as per the trend, you can decrease the price if sales are more or even increase price if you are selling at a much lower price than others.
Consider Advertising on Flipkart, Amazon. There are 100s of other sellers and when customer searches for a product, your listing should come on TOP and in the initial days Advertising is the only way. Also once you become a big seller on these platforms, then also consider Advertising, now you are doing big business and you can afford advertising, this will keep competition at bay.


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